Raising Resources


Explore Pawsible’s puppy raising resources below.

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Prison Programs

Many organizations utilize prison programs that allow both the dogs and the inmates to have unique, specialized training opportunities.


Choosing a Puppy Raising Organization

There are tons of organizations to choose from all with different benefits.


Going on Special Outings

From aquariums to professional sporting events, it's best to be prepared before taking your service dog or service dog in training into highly stimulating, new environments!


Puppy Raising Dictionary

New to the puppy raising world? Saw a term or abbreviation you don't know? Our Puppy Raising Dictionary can help you with that!


Puppy Starters

Not all raisers have their pups from start to finish, some may just start the puppy.


Taking Your Pup To the Beach

Everything you need to know to have a fun and safe experience with your pup at the beach!


Access Laws Map

Pawsible's access laws map is an interactive map of the United States detailing access laws pertaining to service dogs and their handlers in each state!


Essentials for First Time Puppy Raisers

Everything you need for when your SDIT arrives!


Pet Dogs in Non-Pet Friendly Places

Service dog handlers and puppy raisers inevitably experience people bringing dogs to non-pet friendly locations, and there are many ways to advocate for yourself and your dog.


Puppy Raising in an Apartment or Dorm

It's not as hard as it may sound.


Remote Raising

Raising without a local group is possible for some organizations!


What is Assistance Dogs International?

Learn more about what it means to raise for an ADI accredited organization.