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Pawsible PROs


A way for assistance dog schools and organizations to improve their puppy raising programs through networking, insider knowledge, and advertising. Pawsible Pros pay an annual fee.  


For more information or to get started contact

What is Provided?

  • Raiser Relief (as needed financial support) to your puppy raisers

  • Bi-monthly Exclusive Resources 

    • Ex) Puppy Raiser Retention Ideas

    • Ex) Continued Education 

  • First Opportunity at new projects and features

  • Network with other schools and volunteer puppy raisers of various organizations through monthly Affiliate meeting 

  • Opportunity to poll/survey puppy raisers via Pawsible-sponsored surveys

  • Facebook group of other Pro Members & Affiliate Group Reps 

  • Contact List of Pro Members 

  • Puppy Raising Profile 

  • Use of Pawsible Pros logo

    • Put on your website or in your email signatures to show puppy raisers you are working to improve your program 



Must be an assistance dog organization in the United States with a puppy raising program.


Cost is determined based on the number of volunteers in the puppy raising program, size of the organization, and how much financial support you provide puppy raisers. Annual fees may be adjusted based on information provided at the beginning of each cycle. Pawsible Pros Representatives will be notified of this and then invoiced.

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