Our Pawsome Team



Vanessa kneels next to a black lab in a yellow vest.

Vanessa Barker


Chief Executive Officer

Katie sits next to a golden retriever.

Katie Carr

Director of Communications


Kaitlyn Oberhaus 

Director of Devlelopment

Cate sits on the ground next to a cream standard poodle in a yellow vest.

Cate Law


Chief Programs Officer


Alex Law

Director of Branding & Design

Nicole sits on the ground with a black lab in a yellow vest laying in her lap.

Nicole Mroz

Director of Groups


Julia Mazel 

Director of DEI

National Team

Brooke stand on the stairs of a baseball stadium with a chocolate lab in her arms.

Brooke Krajewski Development Coordinator

Caroline kneels in front of flowers with a yellow lab sitting next to her.

Caroline Cox Human Resources Coordinator

Female with Black Lab

Emily Clary Development Coordinator

Camille sits next to a black lab in a yellow vest.

Camille Whitson Marketing Coordinator

Female hugs black lab

Naomi Cardoso Community Coordinator

Female leans and hugs yellow lab puppy

Aubrey Rowan Assistance Advisor

See where our team is!

The COVID-19 Pandemic encouraged us to grow our team with no geographical limits - here's a look at where we all call in from.