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Who is eligible to apply for Financial Assistance?

Any puppy raiser that is a part of a Pawsible Chapter may receive financial assistance. You can see if your club/group is a Pawsible Chapter here.

Do I have to be a college student to apply?

Nope! We will consider applications from any volunteer puppy raisers no matter their age as long as they are a part of a Pawsible Chapter.

I am owner-training my service dog. Can I apply for financial assistance?

At this time we cannot support the financial needs of owner-trained service dogs. Applicants must be volunteer puppy raisers through an assistance dog organization and be a part of a Pawsible Chapter.

Do co-raisers apply together or separately?

If you are co-raising a future assistance dog, you should only apply for financial assistance for yourself. If your co-raiser needs assistance too, they are more than welcome to submit an application for themselves. You do not need to inform your co-raiser that you are applying for assistance.

How can I form a Pawsible Chapter?

Check out this page!

Are Pawsible Chapters required to do anything?

Yes, we have a few stipulations for being a Pawsible Chapter, you can find them here.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

You can apply here. Pawsible’s Assistance Council will review your application and if applicable, award assistance.

Do I have to pay the assistance I get back?

Nope! Financial assistance is a gift not a loan. We encourage you to pay it forward when you are able.

Is there a cap on the amount of assistance that a chapter can receive per year?

No. While we do set caps on the amount of assistance an individual can receive per year through our Financial Assistance Program, this does not affect what others in their chapter may receive per year. Pawsible will not take into account the amount of assistance provided to the chapter/organization or the number of applications from the chapter/organization when reviewing an assistance application.

Do raisers have to have their dog for a certain amount of time before they can apply?

No. Some clubs and organizations want to make sure you can make the financial commitment before getting the dog - we understand and respect this. However, we also understand that some organizations have a high rate of initial costs and that emergency needs happen!

Can assistance dog users or handlers apply for assistance?

No. Pawsible’s financial assistance program is designed for volunteer puppy raisers. However, Pawsible does recognize how financial barriers and struggles impact those with working service dogs and we hope to bring more awareness to this over time.

I live outside of the United States. Can I form a chapter and/or receive financial assistance?

Currently, we can only help those that live in the United States.

How does Pawsible get its funding?

Pawsible relies on donations from individuals, businesses, and fundraisers. We also receive funding from private grants. You can learn more about how to donate here and Pawsible’s financials here.


Who can apply to be an intern?

Anyone who is 18+ years old. You do not have to be a puppy raiser or a university student to be an intern. University students do not have to be taking a qualifying class to be an intern.

What’s the difference between a Pawsible Internship and a Pawsible position?

Internships provide a shorter period of time for someone to determine whether this is the right organization or position for them. While someone who accepts a Pawsible position will remain in that position for an undetermined amount of time. Internships can fulfill academic credit and provide a more structured and more closely supervised experience. Internships have required programming and a project due at the end. Interns may be offered a permanent position upon completion of their internship.

What are the benefits of being an intern for Pawsible?

  • An intern cohort of like-minded individuals
  • A mentor in your professional area of interest
  • Monthly check-ins with the Internship Program Manager
  • Informative Presentations on every Pawsible Team
  • Executive-Level Professional Development & Workshops
  • An Intern Cohort Project
  • Leadership opportunities

How can I apply to be an intern for Pawsible?

You can learn more about and apply to Pawsible’s internship program here.