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Remote Raising

Raising without a local group is possible for some organizations!

Not finding a puppy raising group near you? Or want to raise for an organization that doesn't have a group in your area? While many programs require that their puppies be raised within local groups comprised of other puppy raisers and leadership staff, some allow for them to be raised without this local support. This is called remote raising.


Remote raising allows for more freedom, but all support is online rather than hands on.

The online support can be beneficial because you are able to reach out to the puppy manager at anytime and receive a response and guidance. Instead of having training classes in person, Zoom classes are often utilized for learning and can be done in the comfort of your own home or a stress free location!

Being dedicated to your pup allows for success, as well as patience. Remote raising allows puppy raisers to raise for an organization they love without being constricted to specific locations.

Find Connections

While there isn't the support of a local puppy raising group you are not alone! Connecting with other raisers via social media is a big help, whether it is the same organization or others. It is important to find connections to celebrate your wins and get tips on training outings or even favorite toys.

If you know of any raisers from other organizations near you, reach out to them and set up meet ups/classes to get that in person class experience. (You can check out our Group Locator map to see if there are any groups near you!)

Your organization may also allow you to attend for-profit training classes. The cost of these is not ideal, especially as a volunteer, but your pup will get more experience around other dogs and the structure of a class and you could find a local community. Additionally, you can search for local dog walking groups such as DC Pack Walks or start your own with some friends with pet dogs.

Every organization does not have remote raising as an option or may have specific requirements. If you are interested, speak with the organization's puppy raising manager for more information.

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