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Pawsible partners with leaders in the assistance dog industry to provide financial and community support across their volunteer puppy raising programs.


KSDS Assistance Dogs Inc.

KSDS Assistance Dogs provides professionally trained guide, service, and facility dogs for people in need of a canine partner to enhance their independence, fully function in society, and/or enrich their professional career responsibilities with the ongoing support of our trainers to ensure proficient working partnerships.


Topaz Assistance Dogs

Founded in 2016, Topaz Assistance Dogs takes a customized approach for the training of service dogs for children and adults with various disabilities including: Autism, Seizure Response, Diabetic Alert, Mobility for physical or neurological disorders. Topaz specializes in the training of dogs to assist those with more complex needs or multiple disabilities/conditions.


Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs

Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs was founded with the mission of serving disabled individuals that are currently underserved by service dog organizations. We feel strongly that service dogs are life-changing. Access to service dogs should not be limited based on the type of disability.


The Exceptional Sidekick Service Dogs

Providing psychiatric service dogs to disabled teens and young adults, empowering handlers to complete their education, opening up their world to the life they want to live.

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