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Volunteer Puppy Raisers give their everything to change one life.

Donate Today.

A puppy raiser looks at her golden retriever in a yellow vest.

Looking to host a fundraiser for Pawsible?

There are a few ways you can do this:

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Give Lively

You can set up a fundraising page through our partner Give Lively! 

Donations through this method remain tax-deductible. Give Lively may take a small processing fee from a donation or the donor may choose to cover it.

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You can set up a fundraiser through your personal Facebook page and easily share it with all of your friends and family.


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Supply Drives

If you have a group that is looking to donate items, you can set up a Supply Drive to benefit Pawsible. Supply Drives should be local to the DC Area where our Puppy Pantry operates.

Reference our Amazon Wishlist for our most needed items or direct your group to our Give Lively page to donate. Pawsible often pays for vet bills for raisers and utilizes our support fund for these.

Fundraising Tools

To get donors to give to your campaign, you’ll need to share it!

Some ideas on ways you can get the word out about your pawesome fundraising campaign:

Assets include branding from Pawsible to use in your fundraising efforts!



  • $10- Provides an enriching dog toy to a future assistance dog.

  • $25- Covers the cost of 2 months of flea and tick prevention.

  • $50- Feeds a puppy for a whole month.

  • $100- Helps cover the cost of a puppy's routine veterinary examinations

  • $600- Feeds a puppy in training for one year

  • Pawsible has given out approximately $5,000 in financial assistance since its founding in March of 2019.

  • In 2020 Pawsible awarded an average of $65 per financial assistance application, with disbursements ranging up to $300 depending on application details and Pawsible’s funding. Help Pawsible provide even more to volunteer puppy raisers in need!

  • Pawsible currently works with 13 groups of volunteers across 11 states, raising for 5 different assistance dog organizations. 

  • Depending on the puppy raising program, it can cost as much as $3,000 to raise a puppy.

Sharing your Campaign

To get donors to give to your campaign, you’ll need to share it!

Some ideas on ways you can get the word out about your pawesome fundraising campaign:


Share a post on your social medias to educate people about puppy raising and why donating to Pawsible is important.


Sharing your fundraising page link with family and friends through text, email, or DMs can be an easy way to get the word out! You can briefly explain Pawsible’s mission and ask if they would like to donate. You will be surprised at how many people will donate money from this tactic, especially if you explain how even a small donation makes an impact!


Do a quiz on your Instagram or Facebook story about puppy raising and service animals geared towards showing the financial impacts of raising and at the end direct people to your page to donate!


Tag Pawsible in your posts or send us a direct message about your campaign and we will happily share it.


A simple post of an adorable puppy in training with a caption of “Do you want to help this puppy become a service animal? Donate to Pawsible!” can always do the trick!

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