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Pet Dogs in Non-Pet Friendly Places

Service dog handlers and puppy raisers inevitably experience people bringing dogs to non-pet friendly locations, and there are many ways to advocate for yourself and your dog.

When you are faced with a pet dog in non-pet friendly locations, it can be difficult to advocate for yourself and your dog. Pet dogs can pose a safety threat to service dogs, and distract them from important work. Pawsible has some tips to help you handle these situations!

How to Advocate for Yourself and Your Dog

  • If the dog is barking, lunging, etc. at your service dog or SDiT, attempt to remove yourself from the situation

  • Inform the handler that your dog is working and to please not distract them

  • It’s best to try and stay away from other dogs in public, especially if you don’t know them, so your in training pup is not put in any dangerous situations by accident

  • Give your pup lots of verbal praise and food reward when approaching and passing the dog

  • Give yourself as much space as you can, go another way if possible

  • You can also ask the other party to give you space and explain that your dog is working

    • Example: “My dog is working please give us space” or “Please do not distract my dog. They are working.”

  • Politely inform the other party that the establishment is not pet friendly and only service dogs and service dogs in training are permitted

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