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Across assistance dog organizations there is no standard for expenses a puppy raiser is responsible for; however, it is very common for puppy raisers to be financially responsible for food, toys and extra supplies, and in some cases vet bills. Pawsible is the only nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to providing financial support to volunteer puppy raisers across assistance dog organizations.

At this time, Pawsible can only provide financial support to members of Pawsible Affiliate Groups.

Am I in a Group?

If you are unsure if you are a part of a Pawsible group, please refer to our Affiliate Group Page

I Want to Form a Group

If you are not a member of a Pawsible Group, learn how you can form one.

Types of Financial Support


Puppy Raiser Starter Kits

Pawsible’s Puppy Raiser Starter Kits allow new raisers from Pawsible Groups to start collecting the essentials. We understand that there are a lot of upfront costs to puppy raising that it’s not always easy to prepare for financially. Our goal is to help relieve a little bit of that financial obligation through our Starter Kits.

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Raiser Relief

Pawsible’s Raiser Relief program is designed to assist volunteer puppy raisers of nonprofit assistance dog organizations who are struggling with the costs of raising future assistance dogs. These expenses can include: food, toys, preventatives, vet bills, supplies, etc. 

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Puppy Raiser Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for those who have considered puppy raising, but their financial situation has held them back from doing so or they are not able to continue raising their pup. 


This Program is currently only open to UMD GDF/AVD students.

Should I Apply?

Should I Apply?

Yes! Especially if you are...

  • Having difficulty getting your feet under yourself financially

  • Going paycheck to paycheck with little wiggle room

  • Going into, or further into, debt to afford puppy raising essentials

  • Working extra hours and/or jobs to afford the cost of puppy raising

  • Struggling with coming up with money for dog food or other puppy basics

  • Unable to afford a puppy medical necessity such as veterinary bills, vaccinations, dog food change, over the counter supplements, etc.

  • Compromising on personal necessities to afford puppy raising essentials. For example, not buying enough food for yourself so you can afford dog food.

  • Temporarily in financial distress and/or just need a little help

  • Directly impacted by COVID-19, a natural disaster, medical emergency, or another extreme life event.

Should I Apply?

You are also encouraged to apply if you…

  • Need some help getting started and would benefit from a puppy-raiser starter kit

  • Struggle with the cost of flea, tick, and or heartworm preventative that is not supplied by your parent organization

  • Are having difficulty affording basics like dog food, dog toys, grooming supplies, and routine veterinary visits

  • Are struggling financially and feel that support would better your personal situation and enable you to more effectively raise the puppy

Support is determined based on your need and Pawsible's availability of resources. We encourage you to apply for assistance if you are even questioning it, we review all applications with the goal of helping as many people as possible. Additionally, the assistance you're given will never impact what someone else receives. We kindly ask that those who are comfortable in their financial situation do not apply for financial support.

  1. All applicants for Pawsible Financial Support are protected under our Privacy Policy. This policy ensures that all financial support applications, their contents, and any personal details remain confidential unless you explicitly authorize their release for use in a public program testimonial. 

  2. Pawsible does not guarantee financial assistance to applicants. The Pawsible Assistance Council reviews all support applications and determines award amounts based on applicants’ a) expressed financial need b) availability of funds and donations for this program and c) to create the maximum positive impact. The Assistance Council may award you with a different level of financial assistance than you request. 

  3. Deceit and lying in Pawsible’s Financial Support application or award process will not be tolerated. Applicants and awardees explicitly found to have not acted in good faith will have all future support terminated and be barred from applying to this program in the future.

  4. Pawsible Inc. reserves the right to terminate financial support and long-term financial support at any time without consultation.

Tips for Applying

Keep it relevant

Focus the information and details you provide to your financial situation and how it relates to puppy raising. We want to know if the costs of puppy raising are impacting you and your ability to provide for yourself and the puppy.

Explain as much as you can

The more information and details you provide about your situation the easier it is for the Pawsible team to assist you.

Be Honest & Transparent

We don’t bite, we promise! We want to help as many volunteer puppy raisers as paw-sible, especially you. The more honest and transparent you are with us, the better we can assist you.

Questions or Need Help?

Reach out to your Group Representative, you can find your chapter representative under Groups. You are also welcome to contact Pawsible’s Assistance Council directly at

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