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Pawsibly the Best Sticker Fundraiser Ever!

Today launches Pawsible's first-ever sticker fundraiser, running from August 20th to September 3rd! Pawsible is selling adorable hand-drawn stickers by puppy raiser Mira Baum for $3 each.

An image showing all of the sticker options for Pawsible's Sticker Fundraiser 2020, including stickers of four puppies and one of Pawsible's logo
Pawsible Stickers 2020

Grab yours here!

Each sticker is $3 with 5 sticker options to choose from. Of each sticker sale, nearly all profits go directly towards financially supporting puppy raisers through Pawsible's assistance program.

Decorate your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or just about anything with stickers of your favorite assistance dogs in training while supporting puppy raisers! Each sticker is made from high-quality vinyl that will last through daily wear and tear so you can sport your puppy raiser pride for months to come.

Also, with every sticker you buy you're making an important difference in another puppy raiser and puppy's life, helping Pawsible provide needed food and supplies to those in need. Pawsible's ability to continue financially assisting puppy raisers is supported with every contribution and sale.

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