Pawsible Sticker Fundraiser

Art by puppy raiser: Mira Baum 

Support Pawsible by purchasing these adorable stickers designed by @mira.baum!

Thank you to all of 105 individuals who ordered and the 28 individuals who directly gave to our cause!

Your sticker order is on the way and your contributions are already helping puppy raisers in need!

Stickers are made from thick, durable vinyl which protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Each sticker is 2" x 2"

 $3 per sticker

Let us know how many of each sticker you would like and then scroll down to enter your information. Remember to press submit when you're done!

Individual shipping to your home will be 60 cents (for stamp & envelope).

Shipping is free if you pick-up your order from a Pawsible team member. If you prefer this shipping option, please select the location you would like to pick up from below.


Payment will be via a venmo request from @Pawsible

If you do not have venmo: please pay by donating to our GoFundMe 

(GoFundMe donation minimum is $5 so you must spend at least $5 to use this payment method. GoFundMe also only accepts whole number donations so your order will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

Ex: Order of $9.60 would be rounded to $10)


Before You Go

You can give in addition to your order to further support puppy raisers!

Feed a Puppy for a Month

3 months of Flea & Tick protection

Provide a nylon leash or Gentle Leader

Feed a Puppy for a Week

Provide an Enrichment Toy

All of this added gift goes directly to assisting puppy raisers and is simply added to your venmo request or GoFundMe donation.

Thank you for supporting puppy raisers with your generosity!

Please note that donations to Pawsible are not tax-deductible at this time. 

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