Apply for Assistance!

Assistance is determined based on your need and Pawsible's availability of resources. The assistance you're given will never impact what someone else receives.

You must be a member of a chapter to apply. Please refer to our Chapters page if you are unsure which one you are a part of. If you are interested in forming a new chapter, please refer to the Join page.

All applications and their contents are automatically confidential.



Standard Assistance is intended for individuals who are struggling to afford puppy raising expenses for a period longer than a month.



Urgent Assistance is intended for individuals who are struggling to afford puppy raising expenses for a month or less.

Should I Apply?

We encourage you to apply for assistance if you are even questioning it. Many raisers face financial distress but do not apply.


Look below to see which type of assistance may be best for you!

If you...

If you...

  • Can't feed yourself/puppy

  • Go paycheck to paycheck

  • Are going into debt

  • Currently are paying back loans

  • Are not financially stable

  • Must work many hours/jobs

Or you need assistance with...

  • A necessary dog food brand change

  • Flea/Tick or Heartworm preventative that is not supplied by your organization

If you...

  • Have a pup-related or financial emergency

  • Are struggling temporarily (for one-month or less)

  • Have difficulty affording necessary one-time supplies

  • Struggle with initial puppy raising costs (i.e. your first bag of dog food)

  • Need assistance with emergency veterinary bills

We kindly ask that you do not apply for assistance if you are comfortable in your financial situation.

Pawsible does not guarantee the minimum or maximum assistance that you apply for. The type of assistance you will be provided is determined by need, availability, and the Pawsible Assistance Council. The Assistance Council may choose to provide you with a different amount of assistance than you request. Pawsible reserves the right to terminate assistance at any time.

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