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10 Holiday Gifts to Get a Puppy Raiser

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Happy giving season! The winter holidays are upon us and if you have a puppy raiser in your life you may be trying to figure out what to get them. Who better to give you suggestions than a team of Puppy Raisers? Below you will find 10 ideas for what to get your favorite puppy raiser.

1. Holiday Bandanas & Collars

Puppy Raisers love dressing up their dogs for the season, but not all of them have the means to spend money on festive bandanas and collars. Even the ones that do will appreciate adding more to their collection! You can get these through small shops or large retailers such as Pet Smart, Chewy, & Petco.

2. Memorable Ornaments

A Puppy Raiser usually only gets one year with their pup in training. What better way to help them remember that year and the holiday they got to spend together than an ornament? You can get them a kit to make their own, make one for them, or find your favorite option from a shop.

3. Puzzles & Treat Dispensing Toys

Sometimes puppies in training need to get their brains working while their puppy raisers are busy. Puzzle and Treat Dispensing toys also help pups develop problem-solving skills and confidence that could be vital in their future career. Help your puppy raiser and your favorite pup in training by getting them a Puzzle or Treat Dispensing Toy!

Light Blue baseball cap with navy writing that reads Dog Parent
Dog Parent Hat from the Pawsible Store

4. Pawsible Merchandise

When you shop the Pawsible store, you help people that are struggling to afford the costs of puppy raising. So not only does your favorite puppy raiser get items designed by puppy raisers, but you help others at the same time! Get your orders in soon to ensure they get to your puppy raiser by the end of the month.

5. Dog Portraits (Digital or Handmade)

When you spend a whole year raising and training a puppy only to give them up, memories are everything. There are so many people in the pet and puppy raising community that can digitally or hand draw dog portraits. Frame it and you have the perfect way for your puppy raiser to remember the impact they made every day.

6. Jewelry

Give a puppy raiser a momento of their pup and their hard work that they can wear every day! You can find necklaces that can be specially engraved with their pup's pawprint, their puppy's name, or even a more general engraved necklace can be found in the Pawsible shop!

7. Gift Cards

If you're not sure exactly what your puppy raiser would want, every puppy raiser would appreciate a gift card! You can get them gift cards to pet stores or their favorite small shops - if you're not sure where they shop, just ask.

Two red kong boxes sit on top of each other. One has treats and Christmas themed toys.
Christmas Edition Kong Box

8. Subscription Box

One way to get your puppy raiser more supplies such as treats and toys is a Subscription Box! You can usually buy one box or get a longer subscription such as 6 or 12 months. Puppy Raisers love Super Chewer, Bark, and Kong Boxes!

9. Car Air-Freshener for Dog Parents

One of our Puppy Raisers at Pawsible introduced us to car air fresheners designed specifically for dog parents! From a wet or muddy pup to accidents, a puppy raiser's car endures a lot. With these, a puppy raiser can replace or even absorb all the dog odor in their car with a much more enjoyable scent!

a Buffalo plaid pillow with a golden lab's face on it. The dog has a colorful figure 8 collar on and is licking his lips.
A Pillow from Shutterfly

10. Personalized Items

There are a multitude of items you can put a picture on! Find a picture of your puppy raiser's pup in training and have it printed on a mug, a blanket, a pillow, or whatever you think your puppy raiser will enjoy.

Anything else you think every puppy raiser would love as a gift? Let us know below!

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