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10 of Our Favorite Small Shops

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Check out some of our favorite small businesses when you are shopping for a cute collar, leash, bandana, and many other accessories for your pup!

Two collars sit on a picnic bench at the beach with two engraved metal collar tags in focus. The tag in the front is silver colored and says "Scooby" with a landscape design on it. The second color is a square gold metal tag with a hollow center. "API" is engraved on it with sunflowers around the edge.

Do you want a unique tag for your pup? Check out this shop for custom hand-stamped tags and choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to create the perfect tag for your furry friend!

Want your pup to have a unique collar for every occasion, holiday, and adventure? Healed by the Hound will become your go-to for fun, one-of-a-kind collars and matching leashes!

Looking for low-cost, good-quality bandanas? This shop is run by a fellow volunteer puppy raiser who can make your pup a custom bandana, bow tie, or even a fleece tug toy!

Five biothane leashes sit next to each other on a table. In focus are their clasps. Pictured is a lavender leash, a navy leash, a light blue leash, a white leash, and a pink leash.

Check out this biothane shop run by a dog mom with 3 rescue pups! There are more color options than you could imagine and she can engrave your pup's name and/or contact information on the aluminum buckle of the collar.

Do you have a favorite picture of you and your pup that you want to be customized? Send in your favorite picture of you and your pup or just your pup, and she will personalize and customize it to become your favorite memory on a canvas, mug, tote, ornament, and many other items!

A yellow labrador sits in the snow wearing a plaid bandana and a blue collar tag with "Puppy with a Purpose" on it.

MORE tags!! Support a fellow puppy raiser and visit Sweet Tea & Co for super cool resin-style dog tags that come in just about any color you can imagine.

Do you love biothane & how easy it is to clean?? Check out this store for all of your biothane needs, including but not limited to: hands-free leashes, long lines, traffic handles, and collars. Bonus: the shop owner is a puppy raiser!

Crafty Chloe Co. makes colorful resin and metal dog tags for every occasion. Not only are there items for your pup, but for you as well. Take a look at the sweatshirts and cute mugs to add to your collection!

A yellow lab is reaching up to bite a fancy treat. The dog's nose and mouth are large on the picture.

This healthy bakery can create a yummy treat made just for your pup based on the ingredients you select!

This shop has super cute handmade collars run by another fellow puppy raiser! 4D Collars has many options to choose from in fabrics and different style buckles.

Do you have a favorite shop that wasn't listed above? Please share them below!

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