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We stand with you #BlackLivesMatter

On June 2nd Pawsible posted on its social media our response to the unrest and protests sparked by the death of George Floyd but fueled by hundreds of years of pain and a need for change.

Black lives matter. Pawsible stands in solidarity with the Black Community in the fight against systemic oppression and racial injustice. The recent protests sparked by the death of George Floyd are an outward expression of the hundreds of years of pain that are still inflicted upon black communities and individuals today. Pawsible cannot continue its mission while staying silent on this topic. As a source of financial support for volunteer puppy raisers, our goal is to help bridge the socio-economic gap that prevents people from volunteer puppy raising. This gap unfortunately disproportionately affects minority communities and can be a deterrent from volunteering, just one factor leading to a lack of diversity in puppy raising. Inclusivity is at the heart of our operations and yet we can do better. Pawsible Inc. would like to offer its full support to any volunteer puppy raiser affected by current social injustices. Additionally, we are developing initiatives that include directing resources to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our mission and operations. In the meantime, we encourage you to listen to black voices, take action, and continue educating yourselves.

We stand with the Black community and other marginalized and oppressed communities. From here forwards Pawsible will transition into an organization that will fight for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization, in the puppy raising community, and America as a whole.

Our words of support precede internal and external actions that we will be taking to do and be better. Follow on Instagram and Facebook, and check back here, for updates on our efforts.

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