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A New Era for Pawsible

A message from CEO & Co-Founder, Vanessa Barker: The week of June 1st, protests in America captured our attention and the Black Lives Matter movement rose to new heights in response to the death of George Floyd. Since then through media, loved ones, and nations across the world have shown us the need to not just stand and advocate for the Black community but to also demand change. Pawsible stands with the Black community and will be a new leader of change in the puppy-raising community.

A black lab stands on a wood park bench with its paws up on an arm rest. The puppy has a cute face with droopy eyes and ears, and is wearing a yellow training vest.

Since creating our social media this past winter, Pawsible has remained silent on social issues, focusing our efforts and resources internally to promote our growth - in that time we overlooked Black History Month, Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and many more important days, months, holidays, and celebrations. From here forward Pawsible will actively work to promote and support diversity in puppy raising, creating a community that is more inclusive and that helps trodden voices be heard.

Pawsible is currently at a crux in our growth and identity, and in staying true to our mission and network, we will be taking on a social advocacy role in the puppy raising community. The actions we will take will be to ensure our words are not empty and merely precede action. What we are doing internally and externally to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in this community is listed here. This list is not exhaustive and only highlights our biggest efforts.

  • We are opening a position titled Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and are looking to fill it with an individual who will serve not just as our in-house expert, but as a leader in making Pawsible better.

  • Once we have acquired a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, they will be leading the creation of diversity promotion initiatives, working with chapters to help get new groups into puppy raising and promoting inclusion. They will also lead the formation of research efforts into understanding puppy raiser and assistance-dog-recipient demographics that will inform our efforts and advocacy.

  • Through our social media, we are and will continue sharing and promoting black voices and resources. We will also be openly listening to puppy raisers and their concerns.

  • Today we will be launching a Pride campaign to provide an opportunity for those from our audience who are a part of or allies to the LGBT+ community to be featured on our social media. We will also be sharing education and promoting discussion through our accounts.

As an organization, our efforts in these areas will continue to expand. We firmly intend to not let our voice and actions die out and activism will become an essential part of our operations.

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