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Raiser Reads: May 2020

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Raiser Reads: The official newsletter of Pawsible Inc.

Two black labs stand next to a statue of a guide dog wearing a harness. One of the black labs is wearing a guide dog harness, the other is wearing a yellow training vest.

Pawsible is here to support volunteer puppy raisers and we've been up to a lot in recent months. As an organization, Pawsible offers financial assistance for puppy raisers facing financial distress and we are working to build a cohesive community of puppy raisers from all assistance-dog organizations.

Honoring the Class of 2020 Virtually

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pawsible will be celebrating puppy raisers from the Class of 2020 in a virtual commencement. We know that many puppy raisers graduating, both from college and high school, are disappointed that they have not been able to have a traditional ceremony. Although our graduates can’t walk across the stage with their pup as many dreamed, we want to honor them in the best way we can. Class of 2020, you have accomplished so many things as student puppy raisers! We're excited to see you continue to do so as you enter the next chapter of your lives.

On May 31 at 7pm we will be hosting an online event to honor the puppy raisers graduating this year! Tune in to our Instagram and Facebook to hear from special guests and see all the amazing graduates.

A black lab poses for the camera while sitting on a grass mall.

Are you graduating?

If you are a puppy raiser graduating from high school or college and would like to be honored in our virtual commencement, please fill out this form:

Caps & Capes from Pawsible's CEO, Vanessa Barker

Tune in to our virtual commencement this Sunday to hear from me and two other very special speakers. I'll be sharing some of my experience as a puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation and as a 2020 graduate.

My heart goes out to everyone involved in these puppies' lives, from raisers to sitters, to even friends of those who raise - quarantine has separated many of us from the good boys and girls we love and others who usually fill our days with sunshine. Some of us have even switched to having our pup much more than we originally planned when we signed up to raise and a huge applause for every raiser doing so. Raising is never easy but is infinitely rewarding.

As puppy raisers, we dedicate ourselves to helping those in need through the training and love we give these puppies. Each and every one of you is deeply valued by the organizations you raise for and others in this community. Pawsible hopes to bring us together, across organizations, and our puppy-raiser graduation is just one way we're hoping to celebrate you. I hope to see you all this Sunday at 7pm! It'll be a paw-ty!

A yellow lab laying on the floor smiles with its tounge out. The puppy is wearing a yellow Canine Companions for Independence training vest and is sitting next to a black lab wearing the same vest.

New Chapters

Since our last newsletter was published, our organization has been expanding rapidly! We have partnered with groups of puppy raisers at the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, and raisers in Savannah, GA. A huge welcome to our new chapters! We've got more on the horizon.

We have now provided assistance to teams from Americas Vet Dogs,  Guide Dog Foundation, Canine Companions for Independence, Perfect Fit Canines, MD Dogs, and Southeastern Guide Dogs. We are very excited about our growth and will continue forming relationships with more assistance dog organizations!

Expanding Our Team

Along with the formation of new chapters, Pawsible has acquired new team members to help accommodate this expansion! Some of our newest team members include

  • Katie Carr: Chief Communications Officer

  • Amira El Sawi: Director of Legal Affairs

  • Emily Lowien: Director of Finance & Chesapeake Regional Deputy Director

  • Nicole Mroz: Director of Outreach & Pittsburgh Chapter President

  • Brooke Krajewski: Chesapeake Regional Outreach Coordinator

  • Kaitlyn Oberhaus: Chesapeake Regional Finance Coordinator & Capitol Chapter Outreach Chair

  • Jessica Hendricks: State College Chapter President

  • Hallie Worthington: Savannah Chapter President

A young woman sits on short stairs outside with Quirt, a red golden wearing a fun bandana.

Hallie Worthington, Savannah Chapter President (pictured above with Southeastern Guide Dog in training Quirt) is a third-time volunteer puppy raiser and saw the opportunities that Partnering with Pawsible would allow. She wanted to "give other puppy raisers in my group, specifically college raisers, the opportunity to remove some financial barriers that would be stressors and/or prevent them from raising or repeat raising a pup!" Many people and volunteer puppy raisers are facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. "I’m happy I joined because COVID threw a monkey wrench in everyone’s plans and it has been so great being able to offer assistance for raisers and know it’s there for anyone who may need it, including me! We’ve already been able to provide for my group and it just means so much to know that our pups are taken care of and our raisers burdens are lightened during this stressful time."

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