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Pawsible is Expanding!

New Chapters

As Pawsible expands, we are excited to offer assistance to puppy raisers from our newest partner: United States Veterans Service Dogs! This Chapter will be based out of Alabama and the Chapter Representative is Emily Haigh. Haigh has raised three dogs for USVSD and is the Birmingham Area Group Leader and Social Media Coordinator for the organization. She is currently in Physical Therapy School at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Two black lab puppies sit side by side, posing for the camera. One is wearing a USVSD vest, the other is wearing a blue bandana with a playful print.

Our Colorado Chapter has expanded to include a new group from the Boulder area! Current Colorado Chapter Representative, Jillian Seeman, will be accompanied by another Colorado Chapter Representative, Nicole Kirk, that will focus on the Boulder area! Kirk is currently a student at Colorado University Boulder and raising Daryn through Canine Companions for Independence.

New Team Members

Pawsible formed its first department to oversee all over Pawsible’s marketing and communication! Katie Carr, Director of Communications, and Kaitlyn Oberhaus, Communications Coordinator, have welcomed three new members to the Marketing and Communications Team! The new Director of Marketing, Abby Queen, will co-lead the team with Carr. Queen recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising and was a Group Leader for the Guide Dog Foundation, the organization that she is raising golden retriever, Warren, for. Additionally, Pawsible has hired Olivia Lemonides as a Social Media Coordinator to manage our online presence. She recently graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Communications and was a puppy sitter for the campus’s puppy raising club, TUSTEP. The latest addition to the team, Camille Whitson, will act as a Marketing Coordinator. Whitson is currently a junior at the University of Georgia and the puppy raiser of Bogey.

A black lab sits in the grass with a fence behind them. There are bubbles floating in the air all around the dog.

Pawsible has recently formed a new method of disseminating assistance to puppy raisers, through the use of an Assistance Council. The Director of Finance, Emily Lowien, and Director of Programs, Destiny Goldsmith, sit on the Council and hope to have three Assistance Advisors to sit on it as well. Pawsible has onboarded two new Assistance Advisors so far, Christine Wood and Jessie Hardin! Wood recently graduated from Towson with a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education and was a puppy sitter for the Guide Dog Foundation clubs at Towson and the University of Maryland. Hardin currently studies Business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham online and works as the Puppy Raising Coordinator for the United States Veterans Service Dog organization. She is currently raising Lincoln through USVSD.

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