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KSDS Assistance Dogs

Pawsible PRO

Guide Dog, Service Dog, Facility Dog

Labs, Goldens, Lab/Golden Crosses

Assistance Dogs International

KSDS Assistance Dogs

Kansas, Remote

Within the United States and Willing to come to KSDS HQ


The organization provides: 

  • Vest

  • Food

  • Monthly Preventatives for the first year

  • $100 or 50% of the cost of the spay/neuter

Raisers pay for:

  • Vet Care

  • Crate

  • All Equipment

  • Treats

  • Toys

Supplies & Financial 


The Basics:

Basic obedience commands, Socialization, Loose leash walking, Potty training, Public access behavior, Self-control around distractions, House manners, Grooming

Advanced Cues:

Same as listed above but additional intermediate training commands such as directions and retrieving skills.

Training Responsibilities

  • Fill out an application


  • Puppy raisers must fill out monthly puppy reports and send them to the Puppy Raiser Coordinator to monitor the puppy’s progress.

  • At 6 months and 1 year of age, a Behavioral Checklist (BCL) report will be completed focusing primarily on the puppies behavior and reactions to different environments and scenarios.

  • Biweekly optional Zoom Puppy Kindergarten Classes

  • Opportunities to come on KSDS campus for retreats three times a year.

Time Commitment

All KSDS dogs are “open” until KSDS notifies them. We do this so we can consider all dogs as potential breeders. 

Generally the dog is spayed or neutered by 14 months even if tested to become a breeder. 

Some will be cut from breeder watch between 6-12 months


  • Buckle Collar

  • Fabric Martingale (with buckle is preferred)

  • Halti

  • Slip lead

  • We do not allow chain or prong collars.

Training Equipment

The Puppy Raiser Coordinator hosts a virtual Puppy Kindergarten class via Zoom on the second and fourth Wednesday each month at 7pm. This time allows puppy raisers to come together to talk about training and other needs.

KSDS offers different events both on and off campus for puppy raisers to meet for training trips, on campus activities, training experiences, disability awareness, and time with the trainers.

After receiving a puppy, the puppy raiser will gain access to a shared Google Drive folder with the Puppy Raiser Coordinator and to a password protected website that hosts everything you will need during the puppy raising journey. This website includes but is not limited to accessing training materials, health information, monthly reports, and a communications directory.

There is a Puppy Raiser Manual. It is currently being redone and only about ¾ of it is on the puppy raiser website.

Training Guidance

Generally at 18 months of age our dogs are turned in for formal training. We have individual scheduled turn in times with the puppy raisers and trainers. This allows the raisers privacy during a nerve wracking and emotional day as well as gives them one on one time with the trainers. The raisers do receive a gift from KSDS and get to show their dog to their new home while in formal training. The trainers do send updates to the puppy raisers when they hit milestones in their training. The Puppy Raiser Coordinator will sometimes send pictures to raisers and the dogs are highlighted on our social media.


After the puppy they raised completes formal training, they are given the opportunity to meet the graduate with whom the dog is partnered the evening before the graduation ceremony for dinner. They are also given the privilege of presenting the new team to the general public at the graduation ceremony and stay for lunch following and eat with the graduate.


Due to KSDS’ location our puppy raiser program is about 90% remote/virtual and we will accept applications from all over the U.S.. We host puppy orientation and puppy recall on campus and offer 3 events a year for raisers to attend in person. Other then that our reports, behavioral check ins, puppy kindergartens, etc. is all done over zoom, phone or email

Other than a  $25 application fee, our service, guide, and facility dogs are placed with their partner free of cost. KSDS also has on campus housing the graduates stay in during class and provides meals during their stay to cut the cost even more.


 To gather the most up to date and accurate information about an organization it is best to contact them directly. Pawsible is not partnered with all listed organizations and does not formally endorse every listed organization.

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