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Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs (FRSD)

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PTSD Service Dogs


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Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs (FRSD)

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Remote

No restrictions, the east coast is preferable for emergency purposes.


The organization provides: 

  • Vet Care

  • Heartworm Preventatives

  • Flea & Tick Preventatives

  • Starter Toys

  • Needed Supplies

  • Food (if desired)

Raisers pay for:

  • Toys 

  • Treats

  • OPTIONAL: Raisers can cover other costs if they want

Supplies & Financial 


Basic Skills: 

Basic obedience commands, Socialization, Loose leash walking, Potty training, Public access behavior, Self-control around distractions, House manners, Grooming

Training Responsibilities

  • Online Application

  • Orientation

  • Training Classes

  • Home Visit


  • Attending puppy classes every week for the first 9 weeks (puppy raiser may use an approved training class near them) 

  • Classes 2-3 times per month until the dog is 18 months old

  • Participating in specialized outings throughout the year such as to cities or FRSD events

Time Commitment

  • Females go through one heat cycle unless they’re a breeding candidate. Raisers with a breeding candidate would be notified that she is a candidate for breeding or that candidate would be placed in a breeder caretaker home. Around one year of age when preliminary health tests are done the raiser or breeder caretaker would be notified if she was eliminated as a breeding candidate. Around 18 months to two years of age final decisions regarding whether a not a dog is still a candidate for breeding will be made.

  • Males are neutered around 18 months after receiving the appropriate health clearances. If a male is a breeding candidate then he wouldn’t be neutered. Raisers with a male breeding candidate would be notified around a year of age whether or not the dog is continuing to be a breeding candidate.


  • Flat Collar

  • Leash

Training Equipment

There is a manual and we are building out video content for additional guidance. Further assistance is available in-person and/or on Zoom on a regular and/or as needed basis depending on the raiser’s level of experience and comfort. On occasion FRSD has also covered the cost of training classes in the raiser’s local area if that would provide a benefit to the raiser and their puppy in training and if that training class follows a similar training style to FRSD. If a raiser opts to go to a training class, the training class should be used as an opportunity to practice the skills FRSD has in it’s manual around distractions, in new settings, and any other goals that have been discussed in advance.

Training Guidance

The turn-in process for our puppies depends on how long they are with their raisers. If they come back before a year old they will likely spend some time with us at our headquarters in New Hampshire before going on to their next puppy raisers.

If they come come back from their puppy raisers around 12-16 months of age, they will go through health screenings to make sure they’re healthy enough to work as a service dog.

We can arrange transport or puppy raisers can bring their puppy back to headquarters in New Hampshire. When the puppy returns for final training (12-16 months of age) they will be able to talk to the trainer at drop-off and they will receive updates throughout the dog’s final training. Once soon after the dog returns for final training to give an initial update on how the dog is settling in and again once a month until they graduate from formal training. After formal training, once the dog is matched with their handler, the puppy raiser will receive an invitation to attend their puppy’s graduation.


We will have a graduation for the dog, their handler, and their puppy raiser. If desired, the puppy raiser’s contact information will be shared with the service dog recipient.


FRSD was founded to fill a gap in the nonprofit service dog organization landscape by providing service dogs to underserved individuals such as civilians or women with PTSD.

FRSD is new and growing. They are listening to puppy raisers in how to make the program a great experience.


 To gather the most up to date and accurate information about an organization it is best to contact them directly. Pawsible is not partnered with all listed organizations and does not formally endorse every listed organization.

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