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America's VetDogs (AVD)

Service Dog (Veterans), Facility Dog, Guide Dog

Lab/Golden Crosses, Goldens, Labs

Assistance Dogs International

America's VetDogs (AVD)

Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania

Must live near one of the Prison Programs.


The organization provides:

  • Vet Costs

  • Flea and Tick Preventatives

  • Heartworm Preventatives

  • Crate

  • Leash

  • Collar

  • Head Collar 

  • Brush 

  • Bowl

  • Ear Cleaner

  • Treat Pouch

  • Starter Bag of Food

Raisers pay for:

  • Food

  • Toys

  • Poop Bags

Supplies & Financial 


Basic Skills: 

Basic obedience commands, Socialization, Loose leash walking, Potty training, Public access behavior, Self-control around distractions, Grooming

Advanced Cues:

Advanced obedience

Note: Raisers in the PTSD Trial Program teach more advanced cues. 

Training Responsibilities

  • Online Application

  • 2 Online Videos with quizzes 

  • A few classes 

  • Home Vist and Interview


  • Raisers attend at least 1-2 meetings a month. 

  • Raisers fill out reports bi-monthly

Time Commitment

When raisers receive their puppy they will know whether they are on Breeder Hold or not. 

Dogs that are NOT on Breeder Hold are able to be altered after 7 months - raisers will receive an email from the foundation around this time. 

Dogs that are on Breeder Hold will get Health Testing and Behavioral Testing and then if not chosen will be altered. 


  • Flat Collar

  • 3-6' leash 

  • Head Collar

Training Equipment

Raisers are provided with an online written manual in addition to puppy classes. Raisers have a Group Leader, Area Coordinator, and/or a Puppy Program Rep they can reach out to. 

PTSD Trial Program raisers are provided with an online video manual. First time raisers of the curriculum also recieve a mentor whom they meet with weekly to progress through cues. There is also guidance and support available from Service Dog Training Instructors through an online platform. 

Training Guidance

Puppy raisers either transport their dogs to HQ or meet a transport van to send their dogs "In For Training". 

Raisers get monthly updates from the trainer while the dog is IFT.


Puppy Raisers are invited to a video call with their dog's handler a few days before they are set to graduate. 

AVD holds an in-person graduation coined "Celebration Saturday" at their headquarters in Smithtown, NY. This occurs on the last Saturday of each class. Puppy Raisers are invited and get to meet their dog's new handler and their dog's trainer. 

Graduates choose whether they would like to stay in contact with raisers and are given their contact information 3 months after graduation.  


AVD is the sister organzation to Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. This means they share facilities, puppies, and more. Dogs may become dual trained as a guide dog and service dog or switch paths at any time in their training. 

Raisers only have the puppies on weekends and the puppies are raised in prisons by inmate handlers during the week. 

There is a pilot program for full-time raising typically available for repeat raisers who have already raised for the Guide Dog Foundation. These raisers teach more advanced cues. For this program, raisers can be located anywhere, either remotely or in an existing GDF group. 


 To gather the most up to date and accurate information about an organization it is best to contact them directly. Pawsible is not partnered with all listed organizations and does not formally endorse every listed organization.

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