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Assistance Advisor

Financial Support Team

Please Note: This is a volunteer position. The position will remain open until filled.

If you are interested in the Social Media Manager position, please send your resume and an explanation of how you can contribute to

Please note that this position is entirely remote. Zoom will be used for video conferencing and the Google Suite is used for all the organization’s activities and functions. Fluency in Google Drive products is required.

All applicants will be notified if they have been selected to interview within one week of their application and interviews will be scheduled for a week or two after application submission.

Current college students or recent graduates are highly encouraged to apply. Hours are flexible and will easily fit around other commitments like classes and/or job(s).

Must be at least 18 yrs old and reside in the United States to apply.


Regular Professional Development

Hands-On Leadership Experienence

Startup & Nonprofit Experience

Focus on Personal & Team Growth

Endless dog puns & pictures


Serve on the Assistance Council

  • Meet monthly with the Director of Financial Support

  • Communicate with other members of the Assistance Council effectively

  • Be available and active in discussions surrounding applications and possible assistance disbursement

  • Virtually attend all Assistance Council meetings

  • Serve as a member of Pawsible’s Assistance Council and determine financial support for applicants of:

  • Raiser Relief

  • Puppy Raiser Starter Kits

  • Sponsorships

  • Advocate to give applicants as much as we can provide them with at the time while considering their financial situation

  • Reach out to Chapter Representatives to confirm applicants status as a puppy raiser

  • Gather more information from applicants as needed

  • Assist with other tasks as available

  • Maintain confidentiality as required. Protected information, such as program applicant and team member information / demographics, are highly confidential and not to be shared externally. (Exceptions are managed by Pawsible’s Marketing & Communications team in accordance with our Privacy Policy).

Improve Pawsible’s Financial Support Program

  • Share ideas on ways to improve existing programs

  • Actively think about how we can make our programs more equitable

  • Brainstorm ways we can streamline Financial Support decisions and disbursement

Serve as a member of the Scholarship Committee

  • Read and grade scholarship applications based on an established rubric

  • Convene with the Scholarship Committee to discuss scholarship applicants and recipients

  • Advocate for applicants that you believe deserve scholarships

  • Give input on how to make the scholarship application and selection process more fluid and equitable

  • Assist with other tasks as available

About Us

Pawsible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was co-founded by Vanessa Barker (CEO) and Cate Law (CPO) in March 2019 to financially assist volunteer raisers of future assistance dogs who are required to pay for at least part of the basic needs of the puppy. To assist puppy raisers, Pawsible operates programs focused on providing financial support, community development, and leadership / professional development to volunteer puppy raisers. 

Pawsible's executive management is responsible for growing and maintaining the operations of Pawsible, also reporting their progress to Pawsible's Board of Directors. Pawsible’s mission is to not just assist individuals and groups in need of support within the assistance dog industry, but also to advocate for them provide mechanisms of support for their endeavors. 

Read more about Pawsible and our mission on our About page.

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