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Executive Intern

Office of CEO

The Executive Intern will be focused on assisting Pawsible’s CEO and other leaders with the management of our organization. This position will focus on supporting our organization and requires a self-starter attitude and comfort with ambiguity. They will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer and other Pawsible executives. This position will interface heavily across Pawsible teams and directly support the work of Pawsible’s CEO. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with others on projects and grow Pawsible.

This is a remote, part-time, and unpaid position within a growing organization. We are currently unable to pay any team member within Pawsible. The remote aspect of this position will be conducted largely on your own time and will require fluency in Google Suite products. Video conferencing will be used for meetings that will occur on a regular basis as they fit in your schedule.

In addition to assisting the Pawsible Team in your department, interns will receive professional development, networking, and other insights into the workings of a small nonprofit. We are looking for individuals that are able to commit at least 5-10 hours a week, but can be flexible to your availability. If you are doing this for course credit, we will do our best to accomodate the needs of your academic program.

The Summer 2021 Internship Program will begin June 1, 2021 and end August 13, 2021. These dates can be adjusted to fit the needs of your academic program on an as needed basis.

You do not need to be a student or involved in volunteer puppy raising to be an intern.

Key Attributes

  • Accountability - Pawsible is a young and growing nonprofit that cultivates a fast-paced startup environment in which team members, including interns, have a great deal of autonomy and ownership over their work. Working at Pawsible may be a bit of an adjustment for some, but we know you can flourish here. Maintaining personal accountability with all the work you do here, especially with projects and time management, will help you get the most out of your experience with Pawsible.

  • Initiative - Becoming an Executive Intern requires taking initiative beyond the tasks given to you by the CEO. Our startup environment is well-suited to self-starters that take initiative with their projects and related work. In this position you are encouraged to grow and work beyond the basic outline of this position description.

  • Empathy - Practicing empathy is essential to all of our work here at Pawsible. This applies to working with team members, program applicants and recipients, and our external community. You can embody empathy by practicing growth mindset, giving and receiving feedback constructively, communicating with an open-mind, and assuming positive intent even in tough situations. We do not have a tolerance for discriminatory or judgmental behavior. We hope that as an Executive Intern you will use your position and resources to make the raising of future assistance dogs a better experience for all.

  • Dedication - As a volunteer for Pawsible we greatly value your contributions to our cause and organization; we invest back into you through goal setting, mentorship, projects, and various other ways. Volunteering with us does require dedication not just to our cause and mission, but to our team and the team members you work with. We have found the more time and effort you pour into your work with Pawsible, the more you will get out of your experience with us.

As an Executive Intern you will:

Be a Team Player

  • Take part in the management of our organization; Work smoothly and efficiently with other team members and Pawsible leaders

  • Be a good communicator; Express your thoughts, ideas, and insights as appropriate and assist in facilitating communication on and across our team

  • Have ownership over your daily tasks and responsibilities; Take initiative with asking questions, for help, or for more projects when needed

  • Maintain confidentiality as required. Protected information, such as program applicant and team member information / demographics, are highly confidential and not to be shared externally. (Exceptions are managed by Pawsible’s Marketing & Communications team in accordance with our Privacy Policy).

Assist Pawsible’s Executives

  • Directly assist Pawsible’s CEO with daily and routine tasks, assist with projects and special tasks as assigned; Be available and eager to assist other Pawsible leaders as needed

  • Be willing to assist wherever and however is necessary; Advocate for yourself when you do or do not want to take on something

  • Help leaders coordinate and work across internal teams and with external partners

  • Be flexible and comfortable with ambiguous tasks and projects; Be a self-starter and take initiative where possible

Internal Systems Oversight

  • Help maintain Pawsible’s internal systems such as meeting scheduling and facilitation, onboarding and offboarding, internal communications, Board of Director communications, cross-team project execution, financial system management, project management, and more.

  • Identify and pursue ways in which standings systems can be improved

  • Seek to improve systems with priority to efficiency, ease of use, and effectiveness

  • Assist Human Resources and Management teams with internal system management; Assist when systems malfunction

  • Inquire about areas of interest, seek projects as time allows

Participate in Pawsible’s Internship Program

  • Bi-Weekly check ins with your Supervisor

  • Monthly check ins with your Mentor

  • Attend Informative Presentations on every Pawsible Team

  • Attend Professional Development & Workshops

  • Complete a project and present to the Pawsible Team

  • Track hours working on Pawsible

  • Create and achieve personal goals with your Mentor

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