by supporting the training of future assistance dogs.

Pawsible is a puppy raiser support program that assists individuals who are struggling to afford the cost of raising future guide and assistance dogs. Volunteer puppy raising can be very expensive as raisers must buy dog food, toys, grooming and other supplies for the puppy that they are volunteering to train and raise. Some volunteer programs also don't cover the cost of any medical expenses. Pawsible is working to help those who struggle with the current model of puppy raising for non-profits that don't cover these costs. 

To support volunteer puppy raisers who are struggling to afford the costs associated with puppy raising.

We are dedicated to helping these volunteers keep doing good. Pawsible provides financial support and offers inter-organizational networking between puppy raisers through our regions and chapters.


Raising future assistance dogs is no easy feat. We at Pawsible strongly believe that happy and supported puppy raisers make better trained puppies that go on to be even better working dogs. Puppy raisers dedicate their time, effort, and most importantly love. Pawsible is here to help with the financial aspect to make puppy raising an accessible and equitable way to volunteer.


A small black lab laying on a big back lab