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We Help Change Lives

by supporting the volunteers raising future assistance dogs.

Our Mission

At Pawsible we believe in a life of service to others and the value of canine companionship. We imagine a world where anyone can find their best selves in the connections and greater purpose gained through raising future assistance dogs. Our purpose is to make the raising of future assistance dogs more accessible and equitable for all.

What We Do

A black lab puppy in a yellow vest stands in a bucket. He is licking his nose and his puppy raiser is lifting his head up.

Puppy Raising Support

Learn how volunteers raise puppies to be working assistance dogs and what Pawsible is doing to support them.

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Financial Assistance

Puppy raising can be expensive, Pawsible is here to help when times get tough.

A Yellow lab in a pink harness and a black lab lay next to eachother on the grass.


Connect with puppy raisers and others in the assistance dog community and learn how you can join them.

Public Access Laws by State
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