by supporting the volunteers training future assistance dogs.

Pawsible provides support to volunteer puppy raisers who are struggling to afford the cost of raising future assistance dogs. We also provide community and leadership development to the larger community. Pawsible seeks to support the assistance dog industry from the ground up through supporting the volunteers who make it possible!

To support volunteer puppy raisers, the puppies they care for and train, and the larger assistance dog community.

We are dedicated to helping these volunteer puppy raisers keep changing lives through the puppies they raise! Pawsible aims to support and develop puppy raising through our financial assistance, community development, and leadership development programs.

We assist volunteers of non-profit assistance dog organizations with the common goal of transforming the lives of the individuals these dogs help!



Pawsible focuses on supporting volunteer raisers for assistance dog non-profits in the US.

Volunteer puppy raising can vary between organizations and local groups.

Learn what goes into being a puppy raiser below!


One of the most defining qualities of puppy raising is being a volunteer. Puppy raisers volunteer their time, energy, and love to raise puppies as future assistance dogs who will go on to change someone's life!


Puppy raisers work with dogs, but more specifically, puppies! Raisers are responsible for the care, livelihood, training, and raising of the puppy but are not the puppy's owner. When the puppy, now nearly an adult dog, is ready for formal training they return to the nonprofit to complete their training and become an official assistance dog for someone in need!


Puppy raising differs from many other volunteer opportunities - it requires a long term commitment and often costs money to participate in. Many programs have raisers caring for and training the puppy for over a year! Puppy raising costs and commitment levels can vary between nonprofit raising programs. 

A lot goes into raising a future assistance dog from breeding, puppy raising and training, formal assistance dog training, and matching the dogs with the human they will assist is time consuming and expensive.

Pawsible is here to help assistance dog nonprofits and their volunteers!


Raising future assistance dogs is no easy feat. We at Pawsible strongly believe that happy and supported puppy raisers make better trained puppies that go on to be even better working dogs. Puppy raisers pour their time, effort, and love to raising these dogs and Pawsible helps support raisers throughout their journey, supplementing the support provided by the volunteer's parent nonprofit. Our ultimate goal is to make puppy raising a more accessible and equitable way to volunteer!

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