Raising Resources

A black lab is a blue and yellow vest sits and looks up at his raiser.

Explore Pawsible’s puppy raising resources below.

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Getting Started

New to puppy raising? Check out Pawsible resources on how to get started as a new puppy raiser!

Legal Resources

Learn about the basics of the laws and regulations that impact service dogs and service dogs in training (SDiT). These resources are not legal advice.

Public Access


College Puppy Raising

Are you puppy raising as a college student? Check out Pawsible’s resources on what it’s like to raise a puppy in college, including tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your puppy raising experience.


Puppy Raising Groups

Are you part of a local puppy raising group or looking to start your own group? Pawsible’s resources can help you and your group from getting started to fundraising.



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