Puppy Raising Starter Kits

Getting your first puppy is an exciting time as you’re just beginning your puppy raising journey. With all of that excitement comes fretting over making sure you have all the supplies that you need! We’ve created a list that contains the items we think are most important to have for when your puppy arrives.

  • Food and water bowl

  • Puppy food

  • Treat pouch

  • Training treats

  • Poop bags

  • Collars

  • Leash

  • Grooming supplies

  • Toys *age appropriate and approved by your organization*

  • Carpet cleaner

  • Bag to hold supplies like wipes, paper towels, extra kibble, and toys when out in public

  • Crate

Pawsible offers puppy raiser starter kits for those who need help getting started. Our kits include:

  • Food and water bowl

  • Grooming supplies

  • Toys

If you’re interested in our starter kits or need financial assistance obtaining other supplies, please visit pawsibleinc.org to learn more and apply.

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