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Precision Canine Service Dogs

Mobility Service Dog, Autism Assistance, Medical Alert and Response, Psychiatric Service Dog, Multipurpose Service Dog, Facility Dog

Labs, Goldens, Standard Poodles

Not Accredited Yet

Precision Canine Service Dogs

United States

Must be in the continental United States.


The organization provides: 

  • Vet Care

  • Food

  • Vest

  • Crate

  • Heartworm Preventative

  • Flea & Tick Preventative

  • Treats

  • Transportation

  • Any supplies needed

Raisers pay for:

  • OPTIONAL: Raisers can cover costs if they want 

Supplies & Financial 


The Basics:

Basic obedience commands, Socialization, Loose leash walking, Potty training, Public access behavior, Self-control around distractions, Grooming

Advanced Cues:

Retrievals, Push, Block/Cover

Training Responsibilities

  • Fill out an application


  • None

Time Commitment

Info Coming Soon


Info Coming Soon

Training Equipment

Info Coming Soon

Training Guidance

The founder, Lauren, travels to pick the pups up for turn in.


Most of us all stay in close contact if we want. There are no restrictions as long as both parties agree.


Precision supports raisers financially through paying all expenses

They are very personal and provide support through curriculum

Precision Canine places Medical Alert and Response Service Dogs for Dysautonomia and PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans and Civilians along with service dogs for other needs. 


 To gather the most up to date and accurate information about an organization it is best to contact them directly. Pawsible is not partnered with all listed organizations and does not formally endorse every listed organization.

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