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Join an online community specifically for those raising future assistance dogs! All groups are moderated by Pawsible team members and members are expected to follow community guidelines.

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No griping about Pawsible Inc. or your respective Assistance Dog organizations that you volunteer with.


Though this group is intended to serve as a resource for all of its members, please always abide by the guidelines laid out by your respective Assistance Dog Organizations that you volunteer with.


Please consult the appropriate parties from your respective Assistance Dog Organizations that you volunteer with regarding concerns relating to training, behavior, etc., not group members.


Be respectful of all members of this group, the dogs they work with, and their privacy.


Do not use foul language.


Please avoid posting promotions and fundraisers in the Facebook group, but please feel free to share these on Pawsible Inc.’s Blog. 


Always feel free to invite fellow college student volunteer puppy raisers to this group, but do keep in mind that members will be approved by a Pawsible Inc. team member.


Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Pawsible Inc. team. If a post does not meet the guidelines stated above, it will be removed.