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A puppy raiser kneels next to a black lab.

Pawsible’s Internship Program invites students and young professionals to explore their interest in working for a growing nonprofit. Pawsible internships offer hands-on learning opportunities in a flexible and virtual professional environment. Our internship program hosts interns from a variety of backgrounds, not just puppy raisers. Like all other positions within Pawsible, internships are unpaid and part-time.

Available Positions

If you are interested in an internship, but don’t see anything that resembles your interests or needs, please email

2021 Internship Program Dates

Aug 30th - Dec 10th

Accepting Applications 



Feb 1st - May 14th

Accepting Applications 



Jun 1st - Aug 13th

Accepting Applications 


Please Note: Pawsible Inc. does not work directly with dogs, training assistance dogs, or any animals.

All internship opportunities are administrative in nature.

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