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Group Expectations

Groups and Group Reps have a few expectations they must meet in order to remain a part of Pawsible. You can direct any questions about expectations to

As a Group Rep I am Expected to...

Be a Resource

Group Reps will be a resource for all members of their group.

Send Applications

Frequently send out applications for financial support opportunities to your Group.

Operate a Pantry

Group Reps may be asked to operate a Pawsible Pantry and sign a pantry contract agreeing to keep items until given permission by a Pawsible Assistance Advisor or Director of Financial Support to give them out.

Stay Tuned in

Group Reps must download Slack and respond to messages in 2-3 business days.


Serve as a liaison between Pawsible and those applying from your group.


Group Reps should communicate any necessary information from Pawsible to their Group .


Groups must have a Group Representative that has been approved and onboarded by Pawsible. If a Group Rep needs to resign, they should notify the Director of Groups and recommend and provide contact info for a replacement. A Group Rep cannot be offboarded until a sufficient replacement is found.

Encourage Applicants

Encourage raisers in your group to apply for financial support.

Help Raisers

Help raisers in your group recognize that they qualify for financial support.


Groups must participate in and promote Pawsible fundraisers when requested.


Gather photos from your club/group members for Pawsible’s use - they can send them directly to our email, or as a Group Representative, you can collect the photos and upload them to your Group google drive folder.

Build Relationships

Group Reps network with puppy raisers and build connections between raising groups and organizations.

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