A red lab puppy lays on a bone.

Become a Pawsible Chapter

Becoming a part of a Pawsible Chapter gives you and those in your puppy raising group the ability to receive financial support through Pawsible’s programs.


“We had a very short time period to prepare for the dogs and Pawsible made everything possible for us. In just a couple of weeks, they helped provide just about everything that we needed to take the pups and get the ball rolling.”

- Jessica Lefkowitz | TAMU Prison Puppy Program Chapter Representative

Benefits of being a Pawsible Chapter

Financial Assistance

All members of your volunteer puppy raising group are eligible to receive financial assistance  from Pawsible

Safety Net

Pawsible can act as a safety net for anyone in your group. We can help in financial emergencies and unexpected situations.

Starter Kits

Able to apply for puppy starter kits and general financial support

Network of Chapters

Exclusive inclusion in our network of Chapters (link to Chapter page), promotional activities, and access to Pawsible resources and community support.

In order to become a part of a Pawsible Chapter, a leader in your puppy raising group must fill out a New Chapter Representative Interest Form. Upon completion of this form, you will be contacted for an interview with a member of our Outreach Team where you will be asked about your group, what expenses your puppy raisers are responsible for, and who a good Pawsible Chapter Representative for your group would be. This is the time to get to know Pawsible and for us to get to know you! Within a week of your interview, you should receive a decision email from a Pawsible team member.

Chapter Formation FAQ

Do we have to have a raiser in need to become a Pawsible Chapter?

No, nobody in your local group has to have financial need at the time of applying to become a Pawsible chapter. Pawsible is able to help at any time and we encourage you to apply to become a Pawsible chapter even if you are unsure if anyone needs financial assistance.

I am the only raiser in my local group that needs financial assistance. Can we still apply to become a Pawsible Chapter?

Yes! Many of our chapters only have a few individuals that need financial assistance.Pawsible is also able to act as a safety net in case any others in your local raising group need help in the future.

I am the only one from my local group interested in us becoming a Pawsible chapter. What do I do?

We encourage you to discuss with your group and showcase the benefits of being a Pawsible Chapter. The Pawsible team is also more than willing to meet with your group through a video call to explain our programs and answer any questions your group has. Email outreach@pawsibleinc.org if you are interested in scheduling a time to meet!

How is the Pawsible Chapter Representative picked?

Choosing a chapter representative is jointly determined by your local group and Pawsible. For chapter representatives, we look for individuals who are members of your local group’s volunteer leadership team (if you have one) and who are able to commit some hours to communicating between the larger Pawsible team and your Chapter. If multiple people are interested in being the Chapter Representative, we encourage them to join the Pawsible team as an intern or through one of our open positions!

If you have other questions about Pawsible’s programs including our Financial Assistance Program, please see our FAQ Page