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Pawsible is a puppy raiser support program that assists individuals who are struggling to afford the cost of raising future assistance dogs. Volunteer puppy raising can be very expensive as raisers must buy dog food, toys, grooming, and other supplies for the puppy that they are volunteering to train and raise. Some volunteer programs also don't cover the cost of any medical expenses. We work to help all raisers participate in puppy raising no matter their income or financial situation. The assistance awarded to puppy raisers through Pawsible is only to be used for the puppy and raiser it is intended for. 


The type of assistance you will be provided is determined by need, availability, and the Pawsible Assistance Council. You are not guaranteed the minimum or maximum that you ask for. All forms submitted and the details of any assistance will remain confidential and only be shared with the Pawsible Assistance Council. Later in this application, you can elect to let us share your story on social media to encourage more applicants for assistance.


Please be as thorough as possible in the answers to the application questions. The Assistance Council will only have the information provided in this application to determine what level of assistance to provide. 


If you are a puppy raiser in need of assistance, please complete the form below. You will receive an email within a week regarding the status of your application and information about the assistance we can provide you. Questions can be directed to 


*If you are currently being financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, we heavily encourage you to apply for assistance.* 

Please remember to add as much detail as possible to your application. 

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